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[pct-l] website space

Daphne Dionisio writes:
>Anyway, I would like to move the website (again!) and was wondering if
>anyone knew where one can get free website
>space other than at Geocities and backcounty.net.

I was one who had trouble accessing your site, Daphne; am glad you're
working on the problem, because yours is a valuable service. Try Xoom
(http://xoom.com/home) - it's pretty stable and doesn't have those
Geocities-type pop-up ads. 

"Brick" writes:
>Services like Geocities and Juno are not "FREE" because they rely on
>advertising dollars to keep the doors open.

Hey, wasn't this latest  pettiness over _websites_ only? Why bring up
Juno, it's not a _site_ like Geocities at all; should I feel personally
attacked <roflol>; is somebody bitchin' that my posts about trail
conditions etc contain advertising? (O the horror....)  I've had dear
lil' FREE (no monetary expenditure on my part) Juno for years, and
collapsed in tremulous sobs when I saw it so hideously maligned! <LOL> 

and Ronald Moak writes:
>Beware the major "Free Website Hosts"  [snip]
> I try to avoid going to those types of sites because I'm tired of the
extra >hassle of closing Ad windows I don't want, or have unwanted stuff
on my >screen. 

Avoid/beware no more; you can get What You Want!!! The program Atguard
will block ads, cookies, you-name-it _before_ your delicate peepers are
subjected to implications of feelthy commerce! Check it out (commercial
website <g>): www.atguard.com.

As you see, Our Beloved Internet will solve all our problems. No need for
flames, squabbles, or other forms of pissiness (is that a word? Must look
it up on my virtual - but non-web-based - dictionary...)<g>         bj

Get the Internet just the way you want it.
Free software, free e-mail, and free Internet access for a month!
Try Juno Web: http://dl.www.juno.com/dynoget/tagj.
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