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Re: [pct-l] Crampons

The account on Charlotte Crews web page indicates that the hiker killed, John,
had decided to exit instead of attempting Forrester Pass. He was "tired of the
ice, snow and cold". In fact, several hikers had trouble on Forrester Pass. Two
were stuck all night on a steep slope because they couldn't go either up or
down. So, to me, John's decision to exit look right. Unfortunately, returning
southbound, New Army Pass is a shorter route. Possibly the problem is that the
guidebook doesn't mention the danger in New Army Pass.

I spoke to Joanne Lennox [goforth]. She will hit Kennedy Meadows about now.
Joanne is an experienced snow hiker, experienced in the sierra, and is carrying
axe and crampons. Still, we agreed that there **WAS NO HURRY** to attempt the
Sierra because of the snow in the area and further north. She expected to
attempt Forrester [or Ski Mountaineers Pass, 1/4 mile east] maybe next weekend.

This year MANY thruhikers were in the Forrester Pass area in very early June.
That is too early. True, there was very little snow but we had late snows and
cool temperatures that delayed the melt.

As for crampons. I wouldn't even attempt to use 12 point crampons. I'd kill
myself for sure in less than 100 steps. If I needed front points I'd **turn
Around** I'll use 6 point walking crampons because I can walk across snowfields
in the morning, staying on the crust and avoiding postholing [maybe] but they
ain't worth squat on steep or ice.

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