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Re: [pct-l] Whitney Exit...

At 08:33 AM 6/11/99 -0700, reynolds@ilan.com wrote:
>{Unless they have changed it this year] when you get your permit at Happy
>[Yosemite] the whitney stamp is free [and automatic]. The Whitney stamp *only
>controlls access through Whitney Portal itself and a few east side trails
>as Kearsarge, Cottonwood and New Army Pass.

This is not correct. The stamp is NOT automatic, and there are only a
limited number issued for each day, when they have all been issued, you
can't get one. Maybe they hand them out for JMT hikers automatically till
they are gone, then you're SOL? Kearsarge, Cottonwood and New Army Pass do
NOT require a stamp

From: http://www.r5.pswfs.gov/inyo/vvc/permits.htm
Mt. Whitney hikers will be required to have a special stamp on their permit
to enter or exit the
Mt. Whitney Zone. The Zone stamp will be issued at any point that is
issuing the Whitney
Zone permit. The Zone boundaries are: to the east, just above Lone Pine
Lake; to the west, at
the outlet of Timberline Lake; to the north, along the Sequoia National
Park/ Inyo National
Forest boundary to Mt. Russell (on the west side of the boundary line); to
the south, along the
crest from trail crest to Arc Pass. 
see this link for a map:

The time I got a ticket from the USFS, it was for $50, but the form said a
maximum of $500. I took the time to fight it and paid nothing.

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