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Re: [pct-l] giardia

>We are just approaching this from different angles. I assume that the hiker
is competent, well read and can take responsibility for their own treatment.
I couple that  with the extreme difficulty in accessing a physician on the
trail, and conclude that self diagnosis and treatment is a reasonable

Unfortunately, that is a bad assumption to make.  I am still amazed every
year by the number of poorly equipped and poorly prepared people I meet on
the trail.  I do think that with the stress of any adventure (especially if
you are a long way from a trailhead), you get to a little paranoid about
what would normally be a simple illness.  I carry what to some would be
allot of medical gear, but mine is built around treating injury, not major
illness.  The way I figure it, if I get sick, I can still make a trailhead
and turn to a doctor for treatment, but if I fall and get hurt, I will need
to treat myself.

Nothing wrong with carrying prescription meds if you want too, I think in
the Sierras it is mostly unnecessary.


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