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[pct-l] stress and medications pct-l digest #776

"Shawnee Cavnar-Brown" wrote

>>->I would like to add my two cents about self diagnosing and self medicating trail ills. 
<< Thank you for a candid and informed letter I appreciate
such information as I am planning a trip of my own. Being a sufferer of anxiety, I can assure that is DOES cause an array of uncomfortable symptoms, many of them GI-related. Before I set out on my trip, I guess a pack of
Immodium, some Valerian and St. Johns Wort, and a lot of water will be on my list. ;-)

    That sounds like a good idea. What about Metamucil to keep things regular? :->

    Anxiety and stress mess up my stomach too and give me headaches also. Once I thought I was sure I had a terrible case of Acute Mountain Sickness. It turned out that I was just freaked by the effort and increased heart rate caused by the higher altitude. When the leader explained this to me and calmed me down, I felt fine, without medicine.    sue

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