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Re: [pct-l] more on ultralight

>Look at the top photo in set 12.  That's Traildad on the PCT at 
>Forester >Pass (H3) on 6/25/97.  You should carry an ice ax at least
from Mt. 
>Whitney >(H1) to Donohue Pass (H22).  You might want it in other areas 
>depending on >the year.  Unless the snow melts fast, '99ers may need the
ax through 
>Sonora >Pass (I10).  You should also know how to use one to stop a fall.

 Just a question for those who are experienced with the High Sierras
during PCT thru-hiking time.  What is the feasibility of using 4 pt
crampons and ski poles in lieu of an ice axe? Would a good compromise be
to mail a drift box with an ice axe in it through the sections that were
mentioned above, and use it the trail conditions north of your drift box
merit it?

I am familiar with using an ice axe from winter hiking trips in the
Whites here in New England, but am not familiar with conditions in that
part of the country.

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