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[pct-l] more on ultralight

Thanks to everyone for the information and thoughts on lightweight
packs, etc.  Someone mentioned homeade packs.  I had a friend from the
AT who modified an external frame by taking off the entire pack part,
leaving basically the frame and shoulder straps/hip belt system.  He
then used a tarp, which doubled as his shelter, to wrap all gear inside
like a burrito.  This package was secured to the frame with rope that
doubled as his guy lines and bear bag rope.  His whole system was based
on using gear in as many ways as possbile.  It took him longer to set
up and tear down camp.  Sometimes I just feel to lazy to bother with
making my own stuff -- or maybe it's just that I don't have time since
I work so much trying to save money to hike!  

Another person asked if my 40 lb pack was without food and water.  No,
that is the average weight of my pack with full food and water (which
is usually 4-5 days and 2 Liters of water).  I don't know any AT
thru-hiker who walked the entire way with over 50 lbs.  Minus food and
water my pack weighs in at 25 to 28 lbs depending on clothes (winter
vs. summer).  Of course, for me pack weight varies a great deal
depending on season, days between towns (which I'm aware is greater on
the PCT vs. AT), and miles between water.  I carry an "off the shelf"
tent (4 lbs), light 20-deg bag (2 lbs) and light minimal clothes.  I
won't be carrying extras like books, but I do like to have maps,
journal and databook.  Anyhow, for those that asked -- there's the
lowdown on my stuff.

I simply can't see carrying crampons, ice ax and bear canister...yet. 
Those seem like items to me that there are alternatives to consider --
i.e., hanging food from bears, using Leki poles as make-do ice ax or
not crossing snow fields (?).  Perhaps I am uniformed still on these
topics, but all my reading has brought to the conclusion that I don't
think I will carry these items.


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