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[pct-l] Aqua Dulce

i just spoke with Bernice, formerly of Century 21, now of Country 21.  she
said she was going to miss us.

she said the new market owners had agreed to take packages and that they
were nice folks.  the owners are chuck and kelly richards.

i called them and spoke with chuck.

the address of the market is:

	33301 Aqua Dulce Canyon Road, Aqua Dulce, CA, 91350

however, since they have a post office in the market, you can simply
address your packages:

	<your name>, pct hiker
	Aqua Dulce, CA 91350

the grand opening of the post office is april 9th. post office hours will
be mon-fri (9-4:30pm) saturday (9:30am-2pm)

store hours are (winter) 8am-8pm every day, 
(summer, starting july 1st ?) 8am-9pm mon-sat, 8am-8pm sunday

chuck says that if all you want to do at the post office is pick up
packages, that can be done any time the store is open.

chuck's email (he reads it once a week): grocerymn@aol.com
phone (tried it, this works):	661-268-8552
that's a new area code, which works now.

i believe that the address above is the one that margo gave from the pcta
town book.  but there was sufficient confusion surrounding this mail drop
that i wanted to make sure.


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