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Re: [pct-l] Water in Them Thar' Hills

In a message dated 3/29/99 2:44:31 PM Pacific Standard Time,
ghummel@hydrogenburner.com writes:

<< Greg Prothman wrote (or was that Marge?):

 >.....Can I assume that the water which is stashed by whom and whoever will
not have to be treated or filtered? <
 I am putting together the stashes for Chariot Canyon and Scissors Crossing.
For these stashes the water will be in 1 1/2 liter bottles. Unless someone
opens one and only takes a portion, you can be guaranteed of the purity by the
seal on the cap of the bottles.  
 You will be able to tell these stashes from others (see Charlie's message) by
the container they are in: blue and white plastic chest with a PCT emblem and
message stating "Water for PCT long distance hikers only!.  >>

Greg/Marge and Class of '99:

The water stashed on Sunday by the SD Chapter of the Sierra Club is in gallon
jugs and labeled to indicate being placed there by the Sierra Club. That
water, having been placed there for no specific hiker, is for use by any PCT
hiker. As Greg mentioned, any sealed bottle is okay. Since these are gallons
jugs, there will be partial jugs in the stash from time to time. Barring
someone with a weird sense of humor (non-PCT person), even those partial
bottles "SHOULD be okay," but to be on the safe side, you should filter or
treat it.

For those hikers who are at the water stash at the same time, it would be
better if all would fill water bottles from the same jug/bottle until it is
empty rather than hike away leaving 3-4 partially full jugs/bottles. That
should reduce everyone's anxiety and the perceived amount of filtering

Have a good hike,
Charlie Jones

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