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Re: [pct-l] Sharing equip. w/partner

I've even seen difficulty "sharing" common things between married couples.
If you knew each other very well, I would say maybe give it a try.  But not
with someone you hardly know.  Long distance hikers hike at different rates
and distances.  Chances are, one of the two hikers hike faster and would
like to make some miles, but can't because the other is slower.  Sharing
would mean you two would have to agree every night on where you'll have to

I would advise you to look at another way to cut weight.  Sharing a stove
and filter wouldn't really save you anymore than 1 lb. anyway.  Look at
every item in your pack closely, and see if there is anything you can do
without, cut off, mail ahead, or find a lighter version.  Find the lightest
pack, stove, cookware, sleeping bag, cloths, and other gear that you
personally can hike with.

There is a balance between comfort and light weight that you have find on
your own.  Everybody is different, and your balance on the comfort scale
will be different from others.  Jardine is an extremist when it come to
light weight hiking, don't compare your gear with his.  He never writes
about the cold damp nights he too miserable to sleep.  Would you?

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