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Re: [pct-l] tents

In a message dated 12/27/98 3:21:25 PM EST, reynolds@ilan.com writes:

<< ROYROBIN ( on using a tarp and bivy sack instead of a tent)
 OK, so how much does your bivy and tarp weigh? The lightest bivvy I can
 find on the internet is 1#9oz with most about 2 pounds. Most tarps are
 another pound making your total about 2.5-3 pounds. Now the Stephenson 2x
 is 2.5 pounds and the 2R 3.5 pounds,each a full 2 person plus all gear
 tent. The 2R is certainly a 4 season tent. The 2x -a single wall version of
 the 2R - would be called a 4 season tent by most people. True, these tents
 cost $500 but for a 4-6 mont trip aren't they worth it? >>

Brian outlined our ideas on this in his note yesterday (12/28) so I'll just
add some numbers.  First, though, let me say that I sure looked hard at some
lightweight, one- and two-person tents.  I don't like mosquitoes, either, and
a tent's a real plus for the early-season Sierra.  Here are the weights:

Bivy, 22 oz (when not in drift box.)  
Poncho, modified to serve as tarp, 18 oz.    
Ground Cloth, 6 oz.  
Mosquito Netting, 2 or 3 oz.  
Rain Gear, 0 oz.  (Wear the poncho.)
Tent poles, 0 oz.  (Use hiking staffs.)  

So, looking at close to 3 lb., total, for shelter including rain protection.
That's the current plan, and I readily concede that a poncho isn't the best
raingear OR the best shelter.  However, this planning, looking at gear and
food alternatives, getting or staying in physical shape, are what keep us all
enthusiastic during these winter months!    


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