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Re: [pct-l] Sharing equip. w/partner

GentlyTred@aol.com wrote:
> I'm interested in hearing from other PCT hikers who did a thru hike with a
> partner they didn't know very well and what equipment they shared.  My hiking
> partner and I are currently leaning toward sharing a stove and water filter.
> We are more tentative about sharing a shelter (nice to save weight, but having
> our own "space" may be important) and are curious mostly about the logistics
> of sharing food.  We live on opposite coasts which makes planning food
> likes/dislikes/quantities/etc. difficult.  Are there any other pairs out there
> who have done this?  What works? What doesn't work?
> Thanks!

If you don't know your partner well, and have never hiked together, you
are really better off planning to be as independent as possible to start
with. You can always change later on. Separate food is a really good
idea - it is very difficult to separate out food if you split up, when
it is boxed and packaged together. (We knew a group of three that became
a pair, then the last became a solo as each of the other two found new
partners. Their food had been planned together - Every mail drop she
would get this enourmous box with main meals for three - it was a
mess.)  Then you don't have to worry about likes and dislikes, each
takes care of him/herself. (i.e. my husband won't eat nuts - I love
them. I pack nuts for me, spam for him, so we're both happy.) If you
decide to share equipment like stove, filter, cookpot etc. - be sure
that you have someone standing by who can ship you whatever you don't
have at a moments notice.  It is hard to find yourself suddenly without
a stove or filter, because your partner went ahead. Also, don't be
fooled into thinking that weight of the common gear doesn't matter since
it is being shared. I saw one poor woman struggle under a 6 pound tent
that she had bought because "It is only 3 lbs apiece."  It is very easy
to plan a pace at home - but much harder for two people to maintain the
same pace if they haven't hiked together. Injury may cause you to
separate for a while, or one of you may find a more compatible hiking
partner, etc. If you can do it, terrific, but it isn't easy to maintain
a good partnership with a stranger for such a long time.

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