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[pct-l] Frostline Backpack Kit

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Greetings, Journeyers.  I am seriously considering the Frostline Hatchback II backpack kit.  I have an Adventure 16 hiphugger external frame from 1976, which I really like, but the pack is an inefficient top loader.  I have long planned to sew a new panel loading pack to fit the wonderfully comfortable frame, and I came upon the Frostline kit at their web site.  My ultimate goal is a PCT through-hike, but that will be a few years off.  What I want to know is, will the Hatchback II at 3168 cubic inches be enough?  I will be carrying my sleeping bag, tent, ground cloth, and Thermarest outside the pack and other gear including stove inside.  I'd sure like to hear the experiences of earlier through-hikers regarding pack size.  Thanks. 
Bob Riess, "TrailHead"

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