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Re: [pct-l] tents

ROYROBIN ( on using a tarp and bivy sack instead of a tent)
OK, so how much does your bivy and tarp weigh? The lightest bivvy I can
find on the internet is 1#9oz with most about 2 pounds. Most tarps are
another pound making your total about 2.5-3 pounds. Now the Stephenson 2x
is 2.5 pounds and the 2R 3.5 pounds,each a full 2 person plus all gear
tent. The 2R is certainly a 4 season tent. The 2x -a single wall version of
the 2R - would be called a 4 season tent by most people. True, these tents
cost $500 but for a 4-6 mont trip aren't they worth it?

This Wanderlust Nomad Lite, at 1.5 pounds looks way lighter than a
bivy/tarp system and, wgile it is certainly not a  four season tent, will
keep the 'skeerers away

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