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Re: [pct-l] Craig Giffen's PCT Trip Planner

Re:  Time adjustment for altitude gain in the Sierra.
The most prevalant standard I've seen for walking time in the Sierra is 3
miles per hour plus 1/2 hour for every 500 feet of altitude gain or loss
[1000 feet per hour]. This seems to work reasonably well for me. I can't
really do 3 miles per hour on a relatively flat surface but the extra 1/2
hour for a 500' gain is a little fat. I can also tell you that going in
snow is awful slow, maybe an hour for a 500' gain.

Understand that I am not a thruhiker. My pack is slightly heaver and I am
definitely not in as good shape as someone who has been on the trail for a
couple of months. On the other hand, I am making no attempt to walk all day
so I'm probably fresher when I'm walking.

Still, slow as I am very few people seen to pass me. I'd use 45 min per
thousand except in snow.

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