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Re: [pct-l] Introduction

In a message dated 12/25/98 9:36:15 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
aln@uswest.net writes:

<< I have a tentative start date of April 19 for a Mex-Can hike.  I
 hope to see quite a few of you out there ... >>

If you're as slow as you say, I may be able to catch you, as I'm starting the
1st of May.........  only kidding!  From what I can figure the PCT, for the
most part, isn't all that well traveled, nothing like the AT, so it will be
nice to meet up with other some other hikers from time to time.  

It too, took me longer than expected to finish the AT and I'm also looking to
forward to finishing the PCT in a single season.

Planning, logistics, mail drops (do I really have to go through that, again?)
can be a drag,  but I'm actually looking forward to the heat, cold, blisters,
muscle aches, pain, hunger, thirst, wind, rain, snow, ice, crawling insects,
mosquitoes, snakes, mice, bears, lightening, no, not lightening!  Afterall,
it's all worth it, ......

..... it's these winter months waiting, that are the toughest to deal with.  

Happy Holidays to All,  Sly  : )
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