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Re: [pct-l] Introduction

I do not wait out the winter I am leaving for a 7 days in the Grand Canyon soon,
65 deg. F at the bottom and only the canyon lovers on the trails.

Slyinmd@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 12/25/98 9:36:15 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
> aln@uswest.net writes:
> << I have a tentative start date of April 19 for a Mex-Can hike.  I
>  hope to see quite a few of you out there ... >>
> If you're as slow as you say, I may be able to catch you, as I'm starting the
> 1st of May.........  only kidding!  From what I can figure the PCT, for the
> most part, isn't all that well traveled, nothing like the AT, so it will be
> nice to meet up with other some other hikers from time to time.
> It too, took me longer than expected to finish the AT and I'm also looking to
> forward to finishing the PCT in a single season.
> Planning, logistics, mail drops (do I really have to go through that, again?)
> can be a drag,  but I'm actually looking forward to the heat, cold, blisters,
> muscle aches, pain, hunger, thirst, wind, rain, snow, ice, crawling insects,
> mosquitoes, snakes, mice, bears, lightening, no, not lightening!  Afterall,
> it's all worth it, ......
> ..... it's these winter months waiting, that are the toughest to deal with.
> Happy Holidays to All,  Sly  : )
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* From the Pacific Crest Trail Email List |  http://www.backcountry.net   *