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Just reading though stuff. I agree with Annie and the salesman talking about
Nylon over goretex. Coated Nylon is alot lighter plus cheaper to buy and does
a decent job in the rain. My total raingear for my PCT hike was an over the
pack REI poncho which worked out great plus no sweating on inside. Read this
months backpacker and check out all the goretex this and that ads. Ratings in
backpacker mag are directly related to advertising spent.  Also Ridgerest pads
will outlast thermerest pads on a long hike and weigh less. I only have a
thermerest because I won it at PCT conference at Space Needle in Seattle. (
For being earliest thu-hike there) Optimus puts out great backpacking stoves
that also simmer well but gets horrible rates in Outside and Backerpacker.
(Optimus spents no money on advertising,but how much does MSR spent?) go
figure!  Jeff, thanks for the nice card and pictures, have a great Christmas!
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