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[pct-l] Re: Therm-a-Rest

From: Mayer, Jim:
:For trips where I don't expect to sleep on snow I now use a 3/4 length
:Rest.  I find it comfortable enough if I sleep on my back, but if I try to
:sleep on my side my arm falls asleep.

Same here. Unless I'm going to be sleeping on snow for most of a trip, I
carry a 3/4 length Ridge Rest, a mere 9 oz., for example, on this summer's
6-week trip on the Colorado Trail. However, I did notice that after losing
some weight, sleeping on my side was a bit uncomfortable on my hips -- not
enough padding...  Luckily, two women on a Colorado Trail maintenance crew
gave my daughter and me each a "sit-upon" -- a small piece of foam pad cut
from one of those blue foam sleeping pads (probably 2 or 3 oz) -- to use for
sitting on during breaks and such. We used them for sitting and also put
them under our sleeping pads at about hip level -- helped with hip
discomfort and kept us a bit warmer (since losing weight also makes you
sleep "cold").

Albuquerque, NM, USA

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