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Owen K,

Look here for the manufacturers numbers for MSR stoves:
http://www.msrcorp.com/stovetbl.html <http://www.msrcorp.com/stovetbl.html> 

I have an MSR and an MSR Intl, and my test results agree very well with MSRs
numbers.  With the International, 1 oz boils over 1 quart of water (40-50
degrees F, mostly below 8000ft).  I can make a 10 oz cup of coffee in the AM, a
10 oz cup of bouillion before dinner, and a dinner that uses 16 oz of water (36
oz total), all on 1 oz of fuel.  That includes priming the stove 3 times.  Of
course, I'm a very frugal primer.  I've got it down to an art/science.

Florida Tim
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