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Re: [pct-l] RE: class of '99

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Prochaska, Mike wrote:

>  15 - Mike Prochaska ("PermaGrin") - Mex >> Canada: May 1 start.
> Looking for trail/trip partners. 

If you're starting May 1, you'll instantly have partners. May 1 is
becoming the canonical start date for north bound thru-hikers. I'd
guess that 10-20 people will start May 1 next year if the snow is
anywhere near normal. 

Nearly everybody gets nervous about taking on something so huge alone.
It's normal to look for a hiking partner but I'm not so sure it's a
good idea. Thru-hiking puts huge demands on any relationship. If you
don't already have a strong bond with your partner before you start,
it'll be difficult to build them on the trail. The spontaneous
partnerships that happen along the trail seem to be the most
effective probably because they're born out of having common hiking
styles and goals. 

Still, it is nice to have someone else along during the first few days
just because of the security issues near the Mex/US border. I'd
recommend for anybody that finds a partner here of through the PCTA,
to just commit to hiking together for a short while. Don't make the
mistake of committing to the whole 4-6 months of hiking together.
Imagine what will happen if you discover after a few days that you're
incompatible and have your food and gear commingled for the whole trip.
That would be bad. 

For any of you who are feeling nervous about the whole ordeal of
planning and hiking on your own. Don't worry so much. Everybody gets
nervous but you have plenty of company. When you start, you'll get to
meet lots of great people who are going through the same struggle you
are. In the mean time, ask here about anything that's giving you
troubles. There's all kinds of list members just waiting for the
right question to be asked.


Karl "Birdman" Brandt PCT97 LT98                       (650) 725-3686

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