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[pct-l] New gear source

Hello All -

I recently got an unfamiliar outdoor gear catalog ("Camper's Outdoor
Outlet") in the mail.  I called them to see why I was on their mailing list
and discovered that they were a reincarnation of the old "Faeth Outdoor
Supply" which we had used quite a bit for low-end group-camping items in
the past.  The new catalog is much expanded and includs quite a bit more
backpacking gear (it's still a MUCH smaller selection than Campmor or REI).

I compared some prices with Campmor (I usually use them for a price
benchmark <g>) and noticed that quite a few prices were below Campmor's.

Some prices noted:        Campmor     Outlet

Peak1 Micro(butane) stove  $24.99     $16.00
      Feather 442 stove     49.99      46.99
      Max Expert stove      44.97      43.99
      Max Xtreme stove      69.99      59.99

Eureka Gossomer (solo tent) 99.99      82.99

Add shipping for Campmor - shipping is free for the Outlet.

I have given away my current REI catalogs, I don't have any idea what their
prices are for the above items (Campmor usually matches or beats them...the
Campmor non-profit group discount is about the same as my REI dividend).

I always sit up and pay attention when I can get brand name outdoor gear
(that I happen to want <g>) cheaper than Campmor's prices!  I don't know if
this store will be as completely responsive to the needs of the distance
hiker as I have found Campmor and REI to be (fast turnaround, ship to
strange resupply points, no argument about returns, etc.), but it might be
worth trying out.

The "Camper's Outdoor Outlet" is in St. Louis.  It probably (in part) can
offer low prices because of low overhead...one of my Scouting friends
visited "Faeth" a decade ago and said that the place looked like it was "in
the middle of a war zone...block after block of rubble with one ancient
multi-story building standing up in the middle of it all." Their phone
number is 800.421.1676 (ask for "Camper's Outdoor Outlet).

I will probably be ordering some stuff from them for my Scouts.  Perhaps
any of us could post to the list if we notice particularly good/bad
service/prices in our dealings with this (or any other "discount") firm.

Just out of curiosity, I would like to know if anyone on the list knows of
a mail-order (or internet) seller that can beat the above prices <g>.

- Charlie II  AT (MEGA'93)
             PCT (Mex@Can'95)
         Chipping away at the CDT

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