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[pct-l] Trail info when you're on it

The talk of receiving reports of impassable trails brought back a memory
of my '79 PCT attempt.  I went down to Independence via one pass (the
name momentarily slips my mind) for a re-supply and heard from the
Forest Service that Kearsage Pass should only be attempted by
experienced mountaineers with ropes, crampons, and ice axes.  As I
trudged over the summit on the mostly visible trail, I met a family
heading back down.  Dad was wearing smooth leather soled shoes with
black nylon socks and bermuda shorts; and mom and daughters were wearing
shorts, ankle socks, and tennis shoes.  They'd had a wonderful hike.  I
remember wondering if I'd missed a section of my mountaineering
    Jeff Jones
Never trust Forest Service Office pogues for good trail information.

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