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[pct-l] FWD: PCT through hiker sponsorship offer

Got this the other day. I dont think that it made it to the list, but if it
has please disregard. These guys want to pay a through hiker to mail them
journal entries to use as content for a web site. An extra $200 is not too
bad, and the extra motivation to keep your journal entries up to date would
probably be a good thing

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I am a 1994 AT thru hiker, and I recently created a web site at
www.n2backpacking.com.   Having thru-hiked before, I thought it'd be
interesting to sponsor and document thru-hikers on the PCT for the '99
hiking season.  The sponsorship is for $200 in cash.  I posted details at 


If you know anyone that would be interested, or if you would like to post a
link or notice to us, it would be greatly appreciated. 
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