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[pct-l] battle of da feet

There sure are a lot of choices when it comes to
footwear... I plan on going rather lightweight for
the bulk of my hike, but I'm having trouble
trading-off weight for durability.  I have some really
light (and cheap!) spaldings, but they look like they'll
rip to pieces pretty darn quick.  There are a lot of
"hybrid" running/hiking shoes out there that look
more durable, but they're heavier (and a lot more
$$$).  I usually replace my footwear way before it
"blows out", so I'm not really sure how they fail (or
how long they REALLY last)... Do the bottoms
usually wear out first? the sides? the toes? (I know
this may depend on the shoe and  my gait) How
many pairs of shoes can I plan on going through?
Any 'experienced' people out there have some
opinions? favorites?


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