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Re: [pct-l] Reading Material and questions

I love the concept of the hiker boxes that Sly found on the AT. Do they
exist on the PCT as well?  Thanks in advance.

Namaste, PCTCoach

> On the Appalachian Trail,  you could probably go from Georgia to Maine and
> live off the hiker boxes.  Found mostly in hostels, motels that hikers
> frequent, some of the PO's and even Laundromats, it's extra food others don't
> wish to carry, have to much of, or are tired of eating.  It's a great source
> to get your basic staples (oatmeal, peanut butter, noodles, etc.), but
> occasionally you can score with power bars, instant breakfast, cans of tuna
> and so on.  Since the AT is so popular, nearly every town has a hiker box,
> except for a few of the more upscale towns in the Northeast.  They don't cater
> to "hiker thrash" a term of endearment among some of the very best people I
> have ever met.  : )
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