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Re: [pct-l] snow paranoia

In a message dated 12/1/98 12:02:34 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
manjovin@concentric.net writes:

> You know, it wasn't snow or fallen trees that made me leave the trail in
>  '98, it was the Oregon mosquitoes!

I'm personally hyping myself up about the snowfall on the PCT.  There were
several places on the AT that were supposed to be extremely difficult and when
I went through them, they turned out to be some of the more enjoyable
sections, hard work and caution included.  

Mosquitoes, wow, that's another subject!  I spent one torturous day in the NJ
swamps, talk about on the verge of losing it!  I couldn't stop for water or a
brief rest without wiping "skeeters" off my body by the scores.  I had no clue
of the severity and wasn't prepared, to mentally or physically (deet) handle
it.  Some others, hitched ahead, out of this section and I can't fault them.

Mosquitoes can make a "tough guy" very tender.

Thanks for the warning,  Sly
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