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Re: [pct-l] Fwd: BOUNCE nervous about '99

Dear Kristian,

You wrote: 
>after being on this list for a while I am now starting to get a little
>nervous.  I have realized how few people actually do it North->South!  Is
>there anyone on the list who has done it North->South that can address some
>of my concnerns?  

Several groups hiked north to south this year due to the amount of snow in
the Sierras.  Several groups also flip flopped and ended up flipping up to
Manning Park around June.  By the way, I recently noticed from the snow
survey sites that there isn't that much snow in the Sierras even now (mid
November!).  Considerably less than in the spring when I went through and
as many try to.  The early snows in November are often much less than you
may encounter in May or early June, IMHO.

>I have also realized that more people take crampons than I
>originally thought.  I do not have, nor know how to use crampons.  I have an
>ice ax, but do I need crampons?

Depending on the snow conditions when you start in Washington.  By the time
you get down to the Sierras you shouldn't need them.  They are not
difficult to use, put on or learn about.  Buy a pair and try them out this
winter on your favorite ice patch.  I found initially that they are great
and you only have to be careful about nailing yourself!  With my long legs
this was easier than I thought.

>So basically I am getting a little nervous.

Everybody gets a little nervous before such a huge undertaking.  It is
called the butterflies.  The doubts of your own ability, indurance, mental
toughness, equipment readiness, etc., etc. are a natural occurence that is
designed to ensure preparedness.  It is after all extremely daunting to
stand on the border facing north (or south in your case) and try to imagine
the millions of steps, the trials and challenges, the hardships and joys,
the beauty and friendships that lie just beyond that first step!  It was a
little unravelling to me too!  I know you are mentally standing there already.

>I am glad that this
>list has become more friendly and less hostile as I think that I would not
>have sent this e-mail if I was afraid of just getting ridiculed on the
>list-serve for being some dumb novice/kid.

I am also glad to see the hostility subside.  And I have never seen anyone
ridiculed for being eager to learn from the experience of others on this
list.  As they say, there are no dumb questions.  The drive, the desire to
attempt a thru hike is an emotion that is admired here (if I may once again
be so bold as to represent the collective conscience of this list) in
disregard of the level of experience or state of novice.  

Go for it Kristian!

Take long strides . .  .   .    .

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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