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[pct-l] Introductions

My name is Gary Brumbaugh, I'am 61 years old, will retire in March and will
start the PCT early in April.That said a little about my self.I live ,with
my wife of 42 years(Lola) on a small farm in the middle of the Willamette
Valley in Oregon.I work as an Analytical Chemist and have been involved with
analytical Instruments for about 35 years.My teen years were spent at Lake
Tahoe and it was there that my hiking and backpacking experiences
began.Every week end when I was 15 I loaded up and spent every moment I
could in the back country.After I was married I became involved in scouting
with my 3 sons and 1 daughter and eventually became the adviser to a co-ed
mountaineering explorer post.We spent the winters hiking the San Gaberial
Mtns. and when the snow was gone enough we were on the JMT and bagging peaks.
25 years ago we moved to Oregon and after my children were grown I started
solo backpacking in the Oregon Cascades.About 10 years ago my oldest
Grandson (6 at the time )expressed an interest in hiking with me.He is now
bigger than me and still my best hikeing buddy.We have hiked all of the PCT
in Oregon and done some in the Sierras as well.I lead Sierra Club hikes and
backpacks both in the Cascades and the Coast range.I do some climbing and a
lot of snow hiking in the winter.
After the PCT I would like to do other trails as well hike in South
America,Mexico and Asia.
I would like to hear from other "99" through hikers and hope I can hook up
with  many of you on the trail.So if there are any of you out there who
would like to join me for some or all of the hike let me know.
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