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Re: [pct-l] Tarps

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998 David_Clark@candle.com wrote:

> I have been reading about the use of tarps instead of tents. Tarps sound
> more practical in wet weather, but being eaten
> alive in some areas of the Sierras is not to attractive. Does this intai
> the use of lots of DEET, or netting over you bag?

Actually, I use a tarp when I've got some reasonable expectation of
dry weather then switch back to a tent for wetter areas. While a tarp
can work in rain, it's harder to keep your gear dry and after a few
days of repeated wet everything is likely to be soaked. 

As you mention, there's also the bug problem with a tarp. I carried a
bug net whenever I had my tarp. On nights that the weather looked
threatening, I'd set up my tarp. If it was clear, I'd just hang my bug
net up.

If I had the trail to do over, I'd switch back and forth between a
tarp and tent a couple of times. A tarp would work better for say
southern California and say Tahoe north to somewhere near Mt. Hood.
I'd want a tent for the southern Sierras for the bugs and Washington
for the rain. One of Jardine's better points is that you'll need to
stay flexible. Don't be afraid to change gear multiple times during
a trip.

> I have read through some of the archives and a David Sinnett mentioned
> using bungie code instead of cord or rope.
> Anyone try using bungie cord for the corners of a tarp?

Bungies might work but they'd be heavier if you used the metal hooks.
I suppose you could just buy the raw bungie material and use it like
cord. Err...maybe that's what you meant to do. Anyway, it might reduce
some of the flapping you'll get if the wind kicks up.


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