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[pct-l] introduction

Jim finally came up with an idea we don't have to fight over <g>....
Like many others I started out in Scouting, gradually developed into an
Adirondack peak-bagger, and completed my evolution into a long distance hiker
on the AT in '92 with the alias and alter-ego of "Skeeterbait".
I've been mostly lurking on this list since, unfortunately, it looks like it
could be a quite a few years before I get the chance to do the PCT, but it's
not an IF it's a WHEN.
Since the AT I've been filling my time (and vacation) with trail work and some
shorter hikes - the Long Trail, JMT, and TYT.
Just enough experience with the higher and lower Sierras to fall in love with
them, so many places to hike and so little time..
Meanwhile, in the long stretch of my 'other-life' I'm beginning to approach
having enough vacation time to consider hiking the Colorado Trail, the
International AT, and some other longer routes, so I'll see everyone out on the

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