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[pct-l] Introduction

I'm been a subscriber to the PCT List for more than a year, but following
Jim's suggestion, I'll introduce myself again.

My name is Charlie Jones (really). I live in San Diego. I am currently retired
after working 37 years for NCR / ATT.  I am one of the "over-40" group of
hikers on the list. 

I began backpacking about 1967 when I moved to California from Ohio. My oldest
son was in the Boy Scouts so I became the Camping Assistant Scout Master. Most
of our backpacking for training took place in Southern California. I led the
troop on their first two backpacking trips into the Sierras; one, a 50-mile
trip from Onion Valley to Whitney Portal. The other was a 70-mile trans-Sierra
hike from Mineral King to Whitney Portal. Since retiring, I have hiked to the
top of Mt. Whitney on three other occasions.

When career moves caused me to relocate away from California, I never found
the time for hiking. After returning in 1985, a friend and I were day-hiking
through the redwoods near Eureka. We were there in typical urban hiking gear
(tennis shoes and no water) when we decided we wanted to get back into hiking.
Still, I never got really serious about it until I retired in April 1994.
Since then, I have hiked more than 2,200 miles (over 1,275 of that on the
PCT). As you might guess, I am NOT a through-hiker, but a section hiker. I tip
my hat to all the through hikers. Hike your own hike.

Since I hike with others who are not retired, many of my hiking trips occur on
weekends or week-long vacations. My longest single backpack trip was 221 miles
in 20 days (JMT '96).

My goal is to walk/dayhike/backpack the entire PCT (if I can ever get out of
California -- the first 1,695 miles are the toughest). I'm not concerned about
finishing the PCT next year or the one after, but I WILL finish. I expect to
see many of you along the way. Wave as you go by ...

Happy hiking to you all,

"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines"

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