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Re: [pct-l] Introductions ---

Thanks for opening the door to knowing one another, Jim.

I'm new to the list. Plan to do the California section, south to north,
next year, beginning the first week in May. My history is more about
mountaineering than long distance hiking but it's been my dream to do
the PCT for about 8 years now. The time has come.

I began climbing at the age of 40 after being only months away from
death at 38. It (the climbing, not the dying ;-)) became a great
passion, and pretty much took over my life for the next 5 years - 20+
mountains on 7 continents. All while living on the beach in San Diego!

I live a half hour outside Aspen, Colorado, at the moment, in the
mountains rather than visiting them, climbing 14ers rather than
internationally, and actually mostly hiking these days. I am a Life
Coach, therapist, professional speaker and author by profession,
although mostly I'm a resource for people having more of what they want
in their lives and less of what they don't want. My website - somewhat
outdated, with the new version in the works - is
http://www.tothesummit.com. I invite you to check it out.

I'm 50, female, free-spirited, spiritual, single, big-hearted, strong
and love life. And look forward to knowing the subscribers of this list
better as I crank up the preparations for next spring. I've already
learned a great deal just by listening and appreciated the answers and
responses to my sat phone questions. So much to learn! And thanks again
to Jim for opening us up.

Namaste, m

Margo Chisholm
Life Coach
Partnering you in having an extraordinary life
970-704-9336    fax 970-704-9346

To know you have enough
is to be rich.

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