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[pct-l] Re: introductions

I think that Owen's idea of sharing a little about ourselves is a good
idea, so I'll put my $$ where my mouth is and share too.
My name is Dude Spellings.  "Dude" is a nickname that I have had since
1970, when I was born.  My "real" name is Robert, but my dad decided to
start calling me Dude shortly after I was born because his name is also
Robert and he didn't want anyone to call me Junior or JR, or Little
Robert.  So, I 've Dude ever since.

I am 28, live in Houston(yuck!) with my wife, Veronica.  Veronica and I
moved to Houston from Austin where we met in 1994 at a retreat sponsored
by the University of Texas Catholic Center.  We are both graduates of UT
- Austin.  We were married in 1995 and moved to Houston so that Veronica
could go to Med School.  She just graduated in May and is doing her
residency here.   As soon as she is done, we will be moving the hell
away from this concrete encased megalopolis and will probably live
somewhere near Austin.

I grew up in Austin and spent a lot of time camping/hiking around
central Texas.  It is great there because you can camp comfortably year
'round.  I was in the Boy Scouts and enjoyed it very much.  During my
time in the scouts, I went on several semi-long hikes(around 200
miles).  We went to the Philmont Scout Ranch three times in Cimaron, New
Mexico.  We went to Colorado twice, and Arkansas once.  This
introduction to longer hikes got me hooked and led me to try and outdo
myself every time I went on a new Hike.  I have since done several hikes
on my own or with friends in Colorado, Big Bend, The Gila Wilderness.
Later, I became an Assistant Scoutmaster.  I quit doing that when I
moved to Houston and plan to start again very soon.

Recently, as many of you know from my many posts, I completed the
Tahoe-Yosemte Trail, and The John Muir Trail this past summer.  It was
my first experience in the Sierras, and no doubt I will be back.
Veronica and I want to do the PCT together when she is done with her
residency (somewhere around 2002).

Got to go because we are going camping this weekend near Banderas, Texas
and I have to finish packing.

I look forward to reading more from ya'll later.

Dude in TX

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