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[pct-l] Big Lake Youth Camp

>I saw your post which mentioned Big Lake Youth Camp.  I am planning a PCT
>hike next year and would like a mail drop there but do not have the
>address.  Do you know it?  Thanks.
Information about Big Lake Youth Camp in Central Oregon:

Their snail mail address is:
Big Lake Youth Camp
13100 Hwy. 20
Sisters, OR 97759

Email address:


Met some nice folks at the camp when I stop by last week. I did a small
tour around the camp - very nice back country camp. They have showers and
meals available for thru-hikers and they said you are always welcomed to
stop in. Their main season is mid-July to late September. They also have
some winter actives. The camp is located within less the a mile of the PCT.

Wayne Huck
Springfield, OR
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