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[pct-l] Five day run of the John Muir Trail (XP)

Lurk mode off:

In August, 1982, I attempted to do the John Muir Trail as fast as
possible.  I was shooting for under 4 days.  But my attempt ended after
1 day.  I made Whitney Portal to just under Glen Pass the first day, I
figured that was about 41 miles.  Hoofing it down below the Rae Lakes
the next day, I knew my attempt was over.  My feet were trashed (same
thing that torpedoed my '79 PCT attempt though that took 3 months).  I
wore running shoes that were combination lasted (board/slip) which just
didn't protect my feet enough.  I carried a small day pack with a 1 lb.
bivy sac, a 2 lb down bag (may have been a Blue Kazoo), 2 strips of foam
(one for the shoulders and one for the hips), one 32 oz. Nalgene water
bottle with a trick lid that had two hoses plastic welded onto it so you
could drink on the go without a vacuum problem, Sierra Designs
Ultralight goretex jacket and pants (both were just over 1 lb), a
balaclava, running shorts, and a light shirt.  Food was 4 pemmican bars
per day, my personal gorp (raw sunflower seeds, M&M's, and raisans), and
sour apple candies.  My drink at the time was ERG, an electrolyte
replacement drink.  I hobbled out to Bishop a couple of days later.

Not much I would change now except for my shoes.  I was fit (I'd
competed in the Ironman Triathlon for several years and did again that
fall - 15th place or thereabouts).  I'd spent the month prior in the
Wind Rivers with much of the time above 10,000' so I was acclimated.
But maybe my feet just aren't cut out for the pounding.

Around that time either the spring of that year or the one before, there
was a "race" to complete the John Muir trail.  The owner of a southern
California backpacking company (Alpenlite, I think) was one of the
fastest of the time and won that "race" but I can't remember the time,
something like 5 days as I recall.

Jeff Jones

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