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[pct-l] Riding South!

Well, it is almost time to hit the trail. Since the snow is melting and
trail workers are getting to some of the down-fall, we are going to ride the
PCT. I am hoping to get to Bishop CA before winter. We only travel about
10-15 miles a day and have lots of lay over days and side trips. The
beautiful mountains are to grand to rush! We are trying to set a speed
record, the slowest expedition in the world. Thanks everyone for your input
and help on the trail conditions. I learned a lot in the short time I have
been on the list. I really don't mind harsh comments on horses. I get it
from horsemen also *G*. Can you imagine me trying to promote horse diapers
to someone who lives in North Dakota!. We are putting on a big presentaion
on August 2nd. It will be getting a lot of local publicity. My main focus
will be low impact horse use and to promote that horsemen unite with
backpackers in helping with all the trails. Horsemen in this area are doing
a lot. There are lots of different clubs and they are all active in trail
work and it isn't hard to find a group to help. (Except the Gaited horse
club with riders over 60). I will get back on the list next winter where
ever I end up? Don't forget Greg "Strider" Hummel, I am a man of my word and
I will buy you a beer when I get down your way. Keep in touch! I will be
able to give and recieve e-mail as long as my patced up PC keeps working.
Peace all!!

Horseback America

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