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[pct-l] Re:roping across water

<I can attest to the fact that this does create an air pocket and you <can
breath.  Also I can verify the forty five degree angle part.  <Never string
a rope straight across.  kahley

I love white water rafting and Kayaking. OR has great rivers and I have been
out a bunch this spring in the high water!!! Last year I had to rescue my
wife. She was high & dry on a rock in her kayak. She was terrified! I
paddled up stream and almost pulled her off when the hydralics sucked my
kayak under. It took quite awhile to get to shore after bouncing off rocks
holding my paddle (Feet forward on your back). Friends caught my Kayak. I
went back with a couple ropes tied together at more than 45 degree angle.
Slipped twice and washed back up to shore (never tied off). Third time I was
able to push her off the rock. We are both divers and good swimmers. The
hard part of this rescue was the cold water. This river never gets above 42
degrees! It zaps your strength and slows your thinking. I love Kayaking
almost as much as riding horses! We want to pack in inflatables and do some
killer rapids! Crossing high water on horses is less dangerous especially on
an experienced horse. I crossed a couple last spring that I would not dare
to hike across. It is still very dangerous on horses! Be careful everyone!


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