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[pct-l] JMT-Hot new info

Essentially the following report is first hand. I received it personally.
As such it represents trail conditions about a week later than my last
report. I cannot emphasise too much the facts that conditions are changing
rapidly and local conditions vary greatly. When they crossed Kearsarge Pass
about a week ago it was easy. The ranger advised them that a week before
they crossed it was a 'real bitch'

I spoke with 3 gentlemen in their 20's who finished the JMT at Whitney
today [Fri 7/31/98].  Their personal report is that the passes are do-able.
"There is snow but it is soft". They advised even fat old me that Forrester
Pass was passable without mountaineering skills. The did advise an ice axe.
They said that the JMT river crossings were below mid-thigh deep in the

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