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[pct-l] jmt v tyt

   This may be slightly off topic, but I am pondering doing either the 
John Muir Trail or the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail in mid-September. I would 
like input from those that have done one or both trails as to which 
trail they recommend I do. Logistically, the TYT would work well for me 
as I am living in Yosemite now and plan on moving back to Tahoe in the 
fall. However,there seems to be a paucity of food drop points/layover 
areas on this trail and the prospect of carrying 12 days of food is 
daunting. On the other handm much of the JMT is unexplored territory for 
me but the car shuttle scenario presents another set of problems. Any 
input would be appreciated.
    Thanks,  Rich

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