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[pct-l] Jethro & Daisy Mae Update in N. Oregon

Reporting in from the Mount Hood area tonight; two days northbound out of=

Estacada, our hikers have been in patchy snow and swarmed by mosquitoes a=
they have all over Oregon.  They are hiking with head nets and sleep ever=
night in a tent as refuge from this year's record crop.  They DO NOT
recommend hiking this part of the trail now without the net and tent. =

Tadpole Lake is THE worst mosquitoe area they've encountered.  Horrible
conditions there.  Overall, the weather has been beautiful; sunny-warm an=
little rain.

The "Swiss couple" is still with them and plan to remain so all the way t=
Canada where they plan to take Amtrack south to Kennedy Meadows and hike
the Sierra's north.  Long time readers of this list will remember that th=
North-bound team  skipped the Sierra's due to the snow depth.  Jethro &
Daisy Mae undecided if they will do the Sierra's with their friends
South-North or reverse.

The first "South-bounder" they've encountered passed them a few days ago.=

Kevin O'Leary was his name.  =

Some "older" trail news they passed on:  A stop they made in Bend, OR to
visit the Elk Lake Resort is one they do not advise.  They found the folk=
there extremely rude - horrible even!  Avoid it.  At the other end of the=

spectrum was the Shelter Cove Resort - very nice and friendly service

South of Timothy Lake in the Warmsprings Indian Reservation area the PCT
was being maintained by a group of volunteers from (they thought)
Washington, and they found the trail in excellent condition - these guys
are doing a great job in the maintenance area here.  Thanks!

Their equipment is holding up well.  Daisy Mae is on pair of boots #3.

Eager for other trail news out there, especially in the Washington area o=
back down in the Sierras.  What are you finding?

=46rom a beautiful spot, all of 300 feet in elevation looking over the Ba=
we remain

Pete and the Logistics.

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