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[pct-l] Re: HorseDuff

I wrote:

>>Got to admit, I've shared your feelings about relief from hard rocks
>>underfoot, and have also taken advantage of "horse duff".  While there can
>>too much of a good thing (?), I enjoyed your spin on this.  ps:  I'll trade
>>you cows for horses any day.                

And you responded:

>Uh, i'm not sure i'd go where the cows go. i do have standards, ya 
>know...  ;)


      Oops!  That's careless writing on my part, and I've received other
similar comments.  I don't mind some horses on the trail, or evidence of same.
But range cattle are an ecological disaster, particularly when they have
trashed your only source of water.  

      Spanish Needle Creek just north of Walker Pass comes particularly to
mind.  The guidebook tells us to look for a recently discovered species of
wild onion.  Instead we find a trampled, filthy mudhole and some of the
foulest water we had seen on the trail.  Having no alternative, we filtered
and boiled.  IMHO, range cattle should be banned from public lands. -- Roy    
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