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[pct-l] ISO Backpacking Partner - Reach Out and Hike With Someone!

I am planning *many more* backpacking trips this year
and I would like to meet a partner for these trips and
other climbing/backpacking adventures and possible LTR.

The backpack trip parameters are entirely flexible as to location,
number of miles traveled-  total and per day; as well
as the duration of the trips.  I would prefer a car-base-
camp and some short day-hikes to get to know one another
before a longer trip; as well as correspondence/phone calls
of course.

My favorite areas are the Sierras, Colorado west of Denver & CS,
Oregon, Washington, AT, PCT and Utah.  I am pretty flexible as
where to travel!

Details plans would be made with this partner as that
only seems fair if we are to do extended trips together.
I am flexible as to start and stop dates as well as I am also
planning a 6 month to 1 year sabbatical and prefer not to
do the entire period solo.

I love the outdoors with a **passion**.  I am an
environmentalist, psychology minor, and computer
engineer with interests that span a *lot* of areas
including psychology,geology, anthropology, business,
alpine mountaineering, theater and the arts. I have done
about half of the PCT and almost all of the JMT as well
as about 100 miles of the AT southern portion.

(I am feeling funny posting this and hope no one  takes offense
at my request, which is sincere, legitimate and made out
of reasonableness to the intent of this PCT list.
If you have any flames just send them privately to me as I
do not want to use up list resources debating the merits of this

My friends tell me they are never bored around me!
I am 6-4, 200lbs thin, in good shape, dark hair/eyes, Greek
descent.  My home phone is 510.651.1876, or you can page me
at 510.659.7546.  All serious calls and email will be answered.
You should be tall, in the 35-40 age range and in
fairly good shape and a good conversationalist. I have a
good social life but I meet a preponderance of those
singles or divorced that do not seem to enjoy
nature/backpacking/hiking, hence this post!

Oh- i f you are a single Mom I am considered an "expert" in the
backcountry and would entertain the idea of part of a trip
being with the children and instructing them in the arts of
the woods and having safe fun, as long as that was not the entire
focus of the trip; as I love kids.  Or it could be 1-2 trips or more
or an LTR perhaps?

If you know of anyone that might be interested that is not on the
list please feel free to fax/forward this message.

Again, my apologies in advance if any of you find this message
inappropriate to the list. (I will promise to post it only once more!)


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