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[pct-l] Shuttle fm. Seattle and info on Pt. Angeles/OP

Hello, all.

Am lookin' 4 a ride fm. Seattle area to the PCT vic. Kennedy Hot Springs (rte.
thru Darrington & I think Rd. 23 to Kennedy Hot Springs trailhead), afternoon
of 18 Aug.  I'll B flyin' in 2 Seattle & would B willin' 2 take pub. trans. 2
get 2 an intermediate pt.  Glad to pay.  

After gloriously completin' the PCT (hopefully), from Manning, will take pub
trans thru Vancouver & ferry 2 Pt. Angeles.  I understand that's right near a
trail-head on the Olympic Penn.  Could I Xpect 2 find a trail map of the OP
there, plus a store & Coleman fuel?  If not, any advice on gettin' such a map?
Finally, is there any pub. trans from OP 2 Seatle, or anyone who'd shuttle me?
Also, any lodgin' @ Pt. Angeles?

Thanks, Wanchor

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