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[pct-l] Yosemite JMT/PCT report

We spent three days doing approx 41-49 miles of hiking and
training with heavy/full backpacks in Yosemite Sat, Sun and Mon
July 17-20.  Following is either what we saw first hand or what
was reported to us by fellow climbers, hikers and Yosemite-ites:

And-- least the EL Nino year and the resulting runoff, although
copious, seems to be gradual enough not to cause damaging
floods- just a *lot* of water everywhere.

Tuolumne Meadows: CG open, store and PO open.  Snow is
literally non-existant below 8800 feet and melting fast.

Lyell canyon:  Many many (over 12-15++) small to medium
stream crossings- all safe- (only one moderately hazardous was
on the Glen Aulin trail on  way to Waterwheel Falls; none on this
trail). Be carefull of the large wobbly log on the GA bridge- if you
slip you can fall with one more slip, into the torrents of the
Tuolumne River which is quite high. But strangely enuf
it lowered almost a foot in the late afternoon rather than
rise the epected amount from the day's runoff.

Donahue Pass- open without need of crampons/ice axe.

Mt. Lyell- same as "usual".

Hoffman- Clear of snow as seen from Tioga Rd.

False White- The "dudes" are still boarding this one as I was told while
inhaling..ooops-- enjoying rather,  a brief conversation with them.

Conness- Looks awesome- gotta do this one up Pass 11,200.

Dana- 20-30% snow on North and west; and going fast as viewed from

Clouds Rest- clear from what we could see on Tioga Rd. Snow line
varies from 9500 to 10,000.

Sunrise- 6"+ suncups, very difficult going.

Unicorn Peak area- looked like 20 foot thick drifts on northfaces.

Saddlebag lake- stealth bivy area was good- but at 10,100 feet so you
need to acclimitize. Lake ice breaking up and melting very fast. CG
is still closed but again snow melting fast. (Very fast being defined
as highly visible day-to-day changes in snow levels/quantity).

'quitoes- In best close precision form- they will not miss an un-deeted
however not too thick as in 30-per-swat-thick. But carry your favorite

--R.J. Calliger

Ooops almost forgot:
                 Rangers- Sirens and lights working just fine.

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