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[pct-l] pack materials

    Does anyone moonlight from the list as an engineer and can possibly 
answer this question? I sent my new Gregory Robson (that had carbon fiber 
stays) back to the factory, for a long story I won't get into. In discussion 
with Wayne he agreed to include the hydration system and carbon fiber stays 
from the Robson, and give me a "Thru-Hiker" Pack instead (which comes with 
aluminum stays). When the new pack arrived, my carbon fiber stays were not 
included. Instead, he provided a set of graphite stays. I recall him using 
these stays in the late 70's and 80's. They look like a type of laminate, 
with a lighter colored material sandwiched between. Does anyone know of any 
disadvantages of graphite used in stays, over that of carbon fiber?

-Ken Marlow
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