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[pct-l] Horse diapers

I sure hope you guys are not getting sick of this. I think there is a bit of
a problem and it should be discussed. I don't know how long I can keep this
old lap top running!

<Hi folks just a though, maybe we could invent an absorbent material, <such
as paper or cloth, that is placed between a horses legs and <fastened at the
horses ass

I am working on this now. I will try and have something made up by the time
I get to the populated areas of California. Then when I leave this area and
return to horse country, I will disgard the diapers in an enviromental
frieldy fashion :) Of course this could back fire, Give an inch and they
will take a mile. I would not want to do something that could cause another
restriction. I hate laws. Common courtisy and respect should be the only law. 

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