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[pct-l] Re: "Not getting sick of this . . ."

I am getting sick of this. I have followed this horse thread that I
inadvertently started. I repent.

 What I hear is an argument between to groups that want to use the
wilderness their own way. Horse people vs. Hikers. Horses screw up the
trail for walkers- no dah!. I have heard the same argument between
fishermen and non-fishermen, backpackers vs tourists [lots of people want
to return Yosemite Valley to its natural state], mountain bikers and
horse/backpackers and hunters and everybody and who knows who else.

Human being are different from other animals because they adapt their
surroundings. Other animals adapt TO their surroundings. [I know that this
is not 100% true but it is mostly true. You can't really call LA "just a
1. If we are animals that have evolved then we have the right (duty) to
multiply and stamp out any competiting species as any evolutionary being
2. If we are "God breathed" and are called to a higher standard than mere
animals then the issue is "what is right" and nature and evolution has
nothing to do with it.
3. If you believe that are evolutionary beings that have, somehow, evolved
past mere animals then I invite you to the Holocost Mesuem in LA,
Yugoslavia and several places in Africa to name a few so that you can
understand just what kind of creatures we really are!

The real question is "WHO HAS THE POWER?" I submit that the answer is "The
people who want to turn all wilderness into a parking lot!" There is a
fragil alliance of backpackers, horse people, bikers, fishermen, hunters,
day hikers and vacationers that keep the wilderness alive. Trust me, I hate
horses! Also, I would never hunt. Nevertheless, I defend the right of horse
people to take their animals into the wilderness. I also defend the right
of hunters. Why?

I need everyone who carse to help me defend the wilderness, even some horse
guy from Montana who wants to develop an OSHA approved horse.

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