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Re: [pct-l] New Member

I'm new to the list, and I'm really enjoying this debate about horses on the trail.
My horse is a 53lb. vizsla who has her own backpack, in which she carries her own
food, my tent fly, and the most important trail item imaginable: a couple of tennis
balls. And I'd just like everyone to know too, that she NEVER poops on the
trail...well, almost never.

I just hiked the PCT from Seiad up through Oregon to Mt. McLaughlin about a month
and a half ago -lots of snow then. Anyway, since so much is being said regarding
animals on the trail, I'd like to know if anybody knows anyone who has thru-hiked
the PCT with their dog. Is this possible? I mean, are there a lot of sections
through national or state parks where dogs are not allowed on the trail?  Thanks for
any info.

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