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[pct-l] Cow Pies????

<I'll trade you cows for horses any day.

Oh man Brick, you got to be kidding.  Are you sure you have actually seen a
real cow, not just on TV LOL! I have seen cow pies that have lingered around
for 5 years! A cow has four stomachs, This is why they chew cud. The waist
is fermented and the grass is broken down into a thick fluid. When dry, the
cow pie is indestructible. If you step in a ripe cow pie, It will be there
until Manning Park! Take my word on it. If you come to a cow pie on the
trail, go around! A horse has one stomach and they are inefficient eaters.
The horse turds are basically just chewed grass with a bit of fermenting. If
a person keeps his horse moving while it is relieving its self to spread
out the horse apples, They will be gone in one rain storm. 


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